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5 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Digging


Nothing can be more annoying than a garden or backyard ridden with hastily dug holes, especially if you put a lot of time and effort into keeping it neat and beautiful! The problem many dog owners face is their unruly dogs kicking up dirt where they are not supposed to. Dogs are natural diggers, and it takes time to help them beat the bad habit. Don't feel disheartened, though, as there are things you can do to make them stop leaving holes in the ground!


  1. Keep Them Occupied

Many dogs like to dig holes in the ground as a form of entertainment. If they have loads of energy to burn and nothing else to do, you can bet that they will see your nicely kept garden as a playground for their use. A dog that is left alone and bored for an extended period of time is more likely to perform this bad habit. You should play with them regularly and give them exercise. If they feel their time is occupied, then they likely won't resort to digging holes in the yard!


  1. Stimulate Their Senses

Another common reason dogs love to dig holes is because they want to dig up new scents hiding under the soil. Take them on lovely long walks or have an outing someplace new. It will allow them to experience new scents and get their needed stimulation without wrecking up your home!


  1. Discipline Training

Of course, an excellent way to curb their habit of digging up things is to discipline them properly. Bevaorial training is quite effective in dogs. If you let it be known that digging is not tolerated, they will slowly learn not to do it. You could also teach them commands in case you catch them in the act. A simple "sit" or "come" command can force them to stop their digging!


  1. Substitute Their Entertainment

Dogs who are exceptionally playful or curious may dig holes regardless of the amount of playtime or exercise they receive. In this case, you should substitute their joy with something easily accessible to them. Please give them a fun toy they can play with on their own, or maybe even consider getting them a friend to play with!


  1. Give Them Their Own Comfortable Space

Some dogs may dig holes out of comfort because they don't have a comfortable spot to call their own. You should consider getting them their own place in the house, complete with everything they need like a bed, some toys, and food and water!


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