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How Does Back To School Season Affect Your Dog


With the start of a new school year, many Boulder parents are adjusting to life with children away from home again. They may have yet to consider how their revamped schedules will affect pets. Dogs are creatures of habit, and changes in their routine can be hard on them. 


If you have a dog not used to being left alone during the day, it may become anxious and destructive when you are at work or your kids are back at school. 


The following are some of the ways back-to-school season may affect your dog.


Loss of routine. Dogs respond poorly to changes in their routine, and any alteration can stress them out. If you have a dog not used to being left alone during the day, then they may become anxious and destructive when you are at work, or the kids are at school.


Decreased Exercise. When kids are at home, they give your dog extra attention and playtime, which can help keep your dog fit and healthy. This includes trips to the beach and dog parks, swimming, or even playing fetch in the backyard. When kids return to school, your dog may not get enough exercise or attention that they are used to


Decreased Bonding Time. Many families have a hard time adjusting to the new schedule, which can lead to less time spent with your dog. If you find yourself rushing through playtime or leaving your dog home alone for long periods, this can cause feelings of abandonment and confusion for your pet.


Increased Anxiety. The more changes that occur in your family, the more anxious your dog may become. This can lead to destructive behavior, separation anxiety, and other signs of stress. 


Doggy Daycare Is The Best Solution For Back To School Blues

All pet owners want to provide their animals with a comfortable and safe environment while away from home. Workers at daycare are trained in canine behavior, so they can ease your dog's stress and make sure that he has fun during his stay at the facility.


Here are three reasons why doggie daycare is beneficial:


  1. Doggy Daycare Helps Establish a Routine

Dogs who are used to a regular routine at home will find it easier to adjust to a new environment if they have a schedule they can follow. This is especially helpful for shy or anxious dogs and those with separation anxiety. When your dog has an established daily program that he is used to, he will be able to cope better when kids are back in school.


  1. Your Dog Will Practise Socialization

Doggy daycare can help your dog learn how to interact with other dogs and provides an outlet for all that pent-up energy. When your dog has an outlet for all that pent-up energy, he will be less likely to act out when you get home.


  1. Your Dog Will Get Plenty Of Exercises

Dogs are very active animals, and they need a lot of exercise. One of the benefits of doggy daycare is that your dog will get plenty of exercises while there. The more activity your dog gets, the less likely he is to get bored and destructive while you and the kids are gone. 


The Pet Spot Would Love To Give Your Dog The Best Day Ever!

When it comes to dog daycare, we at The Pet Spot have got you covered. From an attentive staff that will ensure your pet is happy and safe throughout the day to a clean environment that encourages playfulness in dogs of all ages. Visit our website or call us to book a free meet and greet sesson for your dog today.


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